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``Generations proves as brisk and engaging as it is ambitious.``

``Extraordinary ... a dense but undeniably enthralling journey!``

``The narrative unfolds seamlessly, blending science fiction with political mystery and thriller at a great pace``

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The THETIS is humanity’s last hope: a generation-ship carrying the last remnants of Earth to resettle on a new planet.

But, under the facade of a tolerant and cooperative society, a vast conspiracy has been brewing – a deeply-buried secret that will determine the fate of humanity’s new beginning.

The key to uncovering that conspiracy lies in the hands of SANDRINE LIET, an Archivist introvert who has everything to lose by pitting herself against the most powerful people on the Thetis.

The deeper she digs, the clearer it becomes that there is only one way to save both herself and the Thetis – and it’s the most horrible choice imaginable…

GENERATIONS is a heart-pounding space mystery, an instant #1 Amazon Science Fiction New Release, and has received high praise in literary media and reviews.

What readers say

``Well written, interesting society, and a good plot. Definite page-turner`` - Stuart C.,FB Science Fiction group moderator

``Brilliant book - stayed with me for days. A deep and fun read!`` - Jenny B., Amazon Reviewer

״The book felt like watching a movie, and the action in the last 100 pages left me unable to put it down!״ - Melany B., Amazon Reviewer

“A timeless tale of the dark side of ambition, and the courage to defy the evil it spawns.“ - BookHype Reviewer

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NOAM JOSEPHIDES has been fascinated with writing, space and science since early childhood. In highschool, he represented his country in NASA’s Planetary Society’s competition for inventing solutions for colonizing Mars, and then went on to write a thesis on Black Holes. Yes, he DID have friends (or so he claims…)

After a service as an Air Force Captain, Noam joined film school where he majored in screenwriting and directing, and went on to create films that have won multiple International awards. He also founded multiple technology startups in the media and movie industries. He tries to manage writing while juggling a job, 3 kids, a loving wife and an exceptionally cuddly dog named Luna.

GENERATIONS is Noam Josephides’ debut Scifi novel series.

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